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Hi there, I’m Vanessa. I am a warm, honest and compassionate natural psychic with over 23 years’ experience. My preferred areas of focus during my readings are emotional insight and empathy, love and relationships, and linking in to the possible current emotions of another person.

When you come through to me for the first time, I will do my best to make you feel at ease. I am told I have a very warm and calming voice, so I feel that this often contributes to making you feel relaxed . I will then do my best to link into you, which can allow me to determine what style of reading would be the best for you and your situation. I will introduce myself and explain the methods that I will use, before beginning your reading.

When you have a reading with me, I will mainly work hands free. I will try to link in with you (or another person) emotionally, and once I have done that, I can receive images using my natural psychic abilities. I can also use cards which can allow me to pinpoint a situation. I feel that giving a reading is like unravelling a puzzle – the deeper I look, the more of the situation presents itself.

From a very young age, I remember that I thought that it was normal that I was occasionally able to tell what people were thinking, as well as seeming very approachable for other people to come to and discuss their problems. I remember I was in my mid-teens when things started to make more sense to me, and it was from that point that I decided to develop my psychic skills further, and this has made me the reader that I am today.

Besides giving readings, I also love holistic therapies, and also intend to start up my own colour therapy clinic in the near future. I believe that it is better to have something and not need it, than to not have it and subsequently need it.
Has a wealth of personal experience and wisdom in many areas of life. Understands and has lived through many lows, will walk your journey with you to show you the light through your darkest hours.

I'll help to instill an optimistic positive approach to all challenges life provides for us that enables us to grow.

Is it a new chapter? Allow me to unravel the mystery that may surround you.

Our answers lie within, I'll help you to acknowledge them...& to trust your intuition. I feel that this applies heavily to readings, so for a calming and honest reading, give me a call today!

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Latest Customer Testimonials

The energy of our customers can guide you! After a psychic reading we encourage our customers to leave frank & honest feedback. Here are some of those received for Vanessa

I had a reading with Vanessa quick 15 mins, I loved her energy and spirit and happiness, I picked up on her energy this is a loving lady and she gives a lot of love, I felt like she lifted my spirit, and was just such a bubbly, happy person, some readers lack the softness and kindness in their reading and do not relate to people. Do have a reading with her she is love x rks

User 41275


User 18269

Um. . . WOW! Just had my first reading with this lady today, 12/03/2017. Vanessa is awesome! So many details about all areas of my life. She answered the one question I had, but she was so good I prolonged my call to her. She is great! I truly hope, with all my heart, that her predictions come true. Very grateful to you Vanessa. I will definitely call you again, and leave more feedback as events unfold. Thank you.

User 2577

love never claims it simply gives and flows.....what an AMAZING reader. Sees things working out well for me, I just need to slow down and have patience. Next year will be very good for me, sees new things around work coming in. sees there is someone who will help me out (at this present time) with my situation and I mustn't worry. A lovely reading and a lovely reader. Also sees love coming in with my twin flame Craig, he thinks about me very often, I must stay in my own power and not make this to easy for him. Lots to take on board a very insightful reading. Thank you ...28/11/16

User 1929

Vanessa is a genius reader, l have just had a very special and warm reading with her. Vanessa has such great empathy; she heals your pain gently with her kind words of encouragement Thank you darling Vanessa.

User 1442

Thank you, thank you Vanessa for the uplifting reading, you really made evening

User 22114

just had a lovely reading regarding james, i will keep u posted vanessa thanku again lnl xxx this lady is good fast doesnt waste time xx

User 1616

plans. yes success august world. brian opportunity will bring in a opportunity .
work, more work organise world,
Th e person I like has got trust around his job and looked up to , lovely news coming comment wish 3 empress sep 9 , change happy laughter twin flame Looking good I hope so .as very excited and have worked so hard ,

User 1493


User 18269

this lady is simply amazing . very fast with info. I am also a medium and I know when I have met a good one !

I will be returning for sure

User 30335
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