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I'm Anistra and I have been a reader for over 50 years, I'm a psychic, astrologer, and third eye reader. My areas of forte are in love and relationship readings, providing guidance into your destiny and life path, as well as your career and work life. As a regular here at Psychic Today, I am often on hand to provide calm and positive readings. When you first enter a reading with me, I will give you my name and PIN number, before explaining how I work, and asking what it is you would like me to look into. I will then use my natural psychic abilities and crystals to try to tune into your situation. I often don't use any tools, other than some crystals to provide energy to me during readings. Instead I prefer to use astrology and my natural psychic abilities, as I feel that this guides me to tune in much more quickly and deeply than using tools alone. My guide is my third eye, which communicates with me by clearing the way to your energy. This will then guide me into a connection with you, aiming to clear away any spiritual energy blockages.

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Latest Customer Testimonials

The energy of our customers can guide you! After a psychic reading we encourage our customers to leave frank & honest feedback. Here are some of those received for Anistra

Thank you so much for my reading yesterday, you were incredible, you encourage and inspire me on what journey to take to improve my situation, that i am in now and i am so grateful for your advice. Now I am putting into action the advice you have kindly given me.. Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!

You made me feel so good and comfortable speaking to you, as if i know you for a long time, and it was my first time having a reading from you. You have giving me a future to look forward to and confidience with exciting things to come!!!! .You are a Blessing Angel.

Psychic Today User

Anistra gave me a reading tonight and totally blew me away! She knew about my current work situation and told me if I keep going the way I am going at work I will succeed! She also said that my current friendship with a work colleague will blossom into much more. She made me cry with joy in the fact that the guy that I like was my soulmate and we were made for each other. Thank you so much for my reading, it made me so happy that I have actually found someone who loves me for being me and I love him back the same way with all my heart! thank you xxxx

Psychic Today User

What would I do without your help Anistra?

Thank you so much for all your readings today and last weekend. I hae a large task ahead of me and I do so hope it concludes with the right, desired outcomed?! I certainly couldn't be tackling it without your help and guidance. I will let you know how it all goes!

Thank you again Anistra. I don't know how you do it but you are fantastic! xx

Psychic Today User

Thank you for my readings last weekend Anistra. I got myself in to a right state emotionally and kept having to ring you back for reassurance. Even though I felt needy, you were always welcoming on the phone and didn't mind me calling you time and time again. I will keep you updated Anistra
Lots of love
Sarah xx

Psychic Today User

just had a lovely readng with Anistra havent seen her on line before so thought id gve her a go. She made me feel more confident and felt uplifted will def come back in July to say whether predictions come to light or not. im confident they wll tho thankyou Anistra xx

Psychic Today User

Had a wonderful reading with Anistra today (6.6.2011). She picked up my emotions and my dilema with a particular gentleman straight away. This was my second reading with her and I will definitely be back once her predictions come to fruition. Thank you Anistra I feel very uplifted.

Love and Light xxxx

Psychic Today User

Thank you so much Anistra for the support you have given me.

God bless

Psychic Today User

I had a small reading with Anistra and she gave me so much in 5mins, made me understand that i had the right idea of why and how my ex was behaviouring, she described him, told me how to handle him and said that i would come out on top. would defiantly have another reading with her, shes lovely.
will let you know when things start to happen, soon i hope.
many many thanks.
debs xxx

Psychic Today User

Even though I had been kept up late by negative thought and fear, you have seriously helped me to get out of that genuine, and you picked on my patterns of behaviour that were unnecessarily creating blocks in my relationship. Life bless you very much. You reminded me why its important to get channelled info from someone else. You have really given me the perspective to be able to have faith in what I have and the get up and go to change the habits and work with my strengths when it comes to love and career. I wish you all the best and thanks for that wonderful healing energy that you give. xxx

Psychic Today User

Hi Anistra thank you so much for being there for me you are truly my rock if it wasn't for you telling me how things are progressing I think I would of gone nuts ha ha
Just to let you know we are still meeting up, he said a few hrs with me are better than nothing at all.
I love you with all my heart,


Psychic Today User
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