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My name is Tamara. My psychic skills and achievements stem from a diverse spectrum of psychic and creative endeavours. My early career included proficiency in dance and the performing arts and I worked as choreographer and creative director for a number of exclusive venues across Europe. My academic background in business, art and linguistics also provided me with a platform to work in an advisory capacity, creating and participating in the development of an exciting range of concepts within the leisure industry.

While still involved in a selection of European projects, I was offered the opportunity to write my first book, “The Key to Your Dreams”. My vast and extensive knowledge of the metaphysical, mystical and psychic realm allowed me to write the book in an accessible and informative manner, utilising actual case studies and examining the intellectual , psychological and mystical properties of this intriguing and provocative subject. The publication of the book led to a number of radio interviews on the subject of dreams, sleeping patterns and the indirect effect and power of the subconscious mind.

I am referred to as the 'Love Goddess' by the viewers of Psychic Today and my objective has revolved successfully around the ideology of self-discovery and empowerment. I have been inspired to write a variety of articles on related topics and has been holding regular tutorials. As an accomplished artist, I have also expressed and demonstrated my knowledge and revelations through art.

My interests continue to cover a wide and exciting range of projects and activities within the psychic realm. My psychic skills include, aura therapy, colour therapy, runes, crystals and automatic writing. I have a passion for cards and host numerous workshops and seminars on related subjects. I have worked frequently with segments of the media, as well as collaboration with certain European programmes. I am currently in the process of designing and creating my own range of clothing with an emphasis on feminine empowerment. My love for psychic and creative pursuits inspire me continuously, allowing me to grow and develop as I share my psychic skills through various aspects of my work.

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Latest Customer Testimonials

The energy of our customers can guide you! After a psychic reading we encourage our customers to leave frank & honest feedback. Here are some of those received for Tamara Trusseau

Dearest Tamara,

I had my first reading with you a few days ago and I'm still spinning with all you told me.
I walked with my head hung low and sad, but am now walked with my head held high and happier than I've been in so very very long.
I'll never understand how you knew so much about me, my personal life and all the other things you told me. And even more so I can not express my gratitude enough for your assistance in being turned in the right direction to make my life work far better than it has for years.
You helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel and now I'm heading towards it.
When I first saw you on Psychic TV, your warmth and sincerity came through immediately. I had looked as so many other psychic on the Show. You were the first psychic that I saw that didn't give me hesitation about having a reading.
So I did and I am oh so grateful for it.
I will be back to have another reading in the future and will be telling all my friends and family and whoever else will ask me about a 'true' psychic.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.xxxxx

Psychic Today User

Tamara has done many many readings for me and it is almost as if I have had a lifelong friendship with her. Even on your first reading, she knows all of the details and expressions that only someone who really knows me, would know.
She is precise and to the point.She has such great and glorious insight.Along with being the most accurate psychic that I have ever dealt with, she is extremely sensitive, patient and always POSITIVE. She offers solutions and doesn't just leave you hanging to figure things out for yourself.
Tamara has carried out readings for me that have helped me with the situation that I am calling about, as well as other areas of my life. When I first came to her, I was having a hard time relating to my boyfriend. With her help and guidance, step by step, things have changed. I love you, Tamara, and God bless you for all that you do for me.

Love Carla x

Psychic Today User

Massive thank you to Tamara for a fantastic reading. She linked into my situation straight away and described the person I was asking about as if she knew him. The reading she gave me was uplifting and positive....I would recommend anyone wanting clear guidance on thier life's journey to contact this lovely lady!

Speak to you again Tamara, thank you so much. Lnl xxxxxx

Psychic Today User

Frankly, I was skeptical about psychic readings. I happened to come across Tamara Trusseau. I spent a lot of time reading her Testimonials. She seemed to have a lot of depth to her, not an average psychic by any means. She has given alot of help to many people, it seems..
So when I found myself needing some guidance, I gave her a call on Psychic TV last night 30/08/11.
I'm no longer a skeptic. My psychic reading with Tamara was so accurate that it sent chills through me. She nailed my life and the situation I was in precisely. She gave me guidence and advice to help me in my time of need.
Wow. I'm very impressed!
I will be calling her again, with no doubt..
God Bless You, love Lilly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Psychic Today User

Just listened to your voice reading ordered from psychic tv, and wow, you shed so much light on the situation. Here was me, as usual, taking all the burden and wrong doing on my own shoulders neglecting what she may be and is healing from. I know she is at the beginning of a healing process but didn't realise how huge! (she's very much like me having a very good public face)

Im a couple of years older (30 in less than 2 weeks and cant wait!) and I remember my journey when 'saturn returns', and boy was that intense! Hopefully i have gained enough wisdom to help her in her journey (and I truly do want to help, not only because people i met on that journey helped me but still help me, but because I truly feel she is very special), and look forward to a journey I and her will share and continue both my own and her growth.

Psychic Today User

Dear Tamara

Thank you for the continued guidence and care.
Everything you have discussed with me has transpired over time, sometimes days, weeks, months, and at least once almost a year in advance.
I've certainly seen that time is not at all that relevant in spirit and that all you've have seen has ultimately come about, with time just being a human measure of impatience.
As amazing as your insight is, it is the guidence and support on the journey that has been so invaluable. Allowing me to cope with the difficult, to progress and achive the things I have.

Thank you
Much love.....

Psychic Today User

Dear darling Tamara,

wow, wow, you answered a text on the show last night that has overnight changed my whole outlook on men...I now get it and I really believe that nobody knows men better than YOU ;) I had asked if a certain someone is a womaniser and you explained in great lenghts about womanising...and that Mr Silly is not womanising but just flirting and being technical to prove his self-worth to himself. I decided to close the door forever on Mr Silly yesterday as i'm not attracted to him anymore and you explained how he'll still be around and the talk about the blue item he associates with 'goodness', etc and the nice surprises in the future. However, I now realise what you meant when you said that after all I've been through, I deserve a real man...someone who does not need to keep proving himself to the ex and the rest to prove his self-worth to himself but someone who is so mature that his self-confidence comes from within, not from what outer influences and people think of him and someone who will only have eyes for me in a roomful of people instead of looking at the crowd for permanent reassurance that he is good enough. Next time I meet a man, I'll ask whether he's a real man instead of asking whether he loves me or not as love does not mean anything if he isnt mature enough to value and honour it. Been told a gorgeous guy who looks like a rugby-player is soon coming my way and even been seeing him in my dreams. So, I will be soon ringing you for dream interpretation and more about my future REAL man. So excited!!! Take care, hun. speak to you soon and once again thanks for SUCH PRECIOUS KNOWLEDGE from just one text message. You ARE the Men Expert of Psychic Tv !!!! Love ya Lots.xxxxooxx

Psychic Today User

I had to leave this feed back for Tamara, straight away after my reading with her tonight 8/7/11.
This was my first phone reading ever.
I usually just go to someone in person. I was skeptical about a phone reading because I didn't see how they could get someone's energy through the phone, but actually it was even better than in person.
She was SO accurate and detailed, I could not believe it. Not to mention friendly and unobtrusive. I also expected telephone readers to waste time to rack up the minutes, but she didn't waste any time at all. Every minute was used well. I had plenty of opportunities to ask questions, but what I really appreciated was her attention to detail.
I was given specific details that really gave me a lot of insight.
If anyone is skeptical about calling Tamara on Psychic Tv, I would say it's excellent value for money and I highly recommend her.
I will definitely be calling her again in the future, thanks again.xx

Psychic Today User

Wow Tamara. Thank you for a wonderful reading tonight, Fri, 3rd June. You were awesome.You answered my questions before I even asked them.
She was quick, precise, accurate with every detail. She did not waste time and even described my husband, children, and friendships exactly as they are.
Tamara is like talking to a friend I've known a lifetime.
A reading from her will leave your mouth hanging open in awe....
I loved her.
Thank you so much Beautiful Tarama. I will be calling again.
Impressive doesn't even begin to describe this reading.
Excellent. 5 stars.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Psychic Today User

Hi Tamara,

thanks for the most accurate psychic reading yesterday -20/5/11. Remember how I once came to you as a shattered girl but today I'm an empowered woman - ready to conquer the world - like you said !!! Who made me realise that I no longer liked my reflection - it was you! Who saw my true spiritual self - it was you! And who always sussed the guys out 100% for who they truly are - it was you! You mean so much and you're so precious and our last reading was so pure...only a truly pure soul could have shown so much intelligence, compassion and understanding and resonated with my own feelings and vibes yesterday as I cannot just shut the door on someone I care about as a person and ignore them over time. After our conversation, I had all my answers and was showered with so much peace - I'm finally free and today wore my little dress and have started enjoying life again. I'll ring you soon to have more intelligent readings!!!. thanks 4 the insight that ' friendship is a big responsibility' as that's the exact lesson in this situation and I'm so happy you hit the spot!!! Take care, hunny. Love you lots

Psychic Today User
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