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My name is Tamara. My psychic skills and achievements stem from a diverse spectrum of psychic and creative endeavours. My early career included proficiency in dance and the performing arts and I worked as choreographer and creative director for a number of exclusive venues across Europe. My academic background in business, art and linguistics also provided me with a platform to work in an advisory capacity, creating and participating in the development of an exciting range of concepts within the leisure industry.

While still involved in a selection of European projects, I was offered the opportunity to write my first book, “The Key to Your Dreams”. My vast and extensive knowledge of the metaphysical, mystical and psychic realm allowed me to write the book in an accessible and informative manner, utilising actual case studies and examining the intellectual , psychological and mystical properties of this intriguing and provocative subject. The publication of the book led to a number of radio interviews on the subject of dreams, sleeping patterns and the indirect effect and power of the subconscious mind.

I am referred to as the 'Love Goddess' by the viewers of Psychic Today and my objective has revolved successfully around the ideology of self-discovery and empowerment. I have been inspired to write a variety of articles on related topics and has been holding regular tutorials. As an accomplished artist, I have also expressed and demonstrated my knowledge and revelations through art.

My interests continue to cover a wide and exciting range of projects and activities within the psychic realm. My psychic skills include, aura therapy, colour therapy, runes, crystals and automatic writing. I have a passion for cards and host numerous workshops and seminars on related subjects. I have worked frequently with segments of the media, as well as collaboration with certain European programmes. I am currently in the process of designing and creating my own range of clothing with an emphasis on feminine empowerment. My love for psychic and creative pursuits inspire me continuously, allowing me to grow and develop as I share my psychic skills through various aspects of my work.

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The energy of our customers can guide you! After a psychic reading we encourage our customers to leave frank & honest feedback. Here are some of those received for Tamara Trusseau

Dearest Tamara is gifted with insight and understanding, but is able to relate this to anyone in a personal way that will help you find the direction and understanding you need. Everything I have been guided through and had been seen ahead by Tamara has always come about in the fullness of time. Tamara is someone you will be grateful you spoke too and will leave you feeling the better for speaking to her on whatever you ask.

User 3846

Hi beautiful Tamara. i just wanted to leave this testimonial for you.I have been trying to get hold of you, on Psychic TV, for a reading but have been noticing you are not been in the studios, as often. I have been missing your wonderful and always truthful, thought provoking psychic insights, to your selected topics. I also listen, with great interest, to your words and take on board your worldly psychic wisdom. The program has not been the same for me, since you don't seem to be on much. Its lost its sparkle, i think. I did however, managed to finally find you in the studio last week, after along wait and managed to receive a reading. As always, you were spot on with everything. I have a few changes coming into my life soon, and you helped me to see how important they are to me and very necessary, for my journey in life, to progress. I need to embrass them and except the changes. If i do, my life will change for the better. Many thanks for all you comforting words and also giving me the strength and insight to go forwards. It always amazes me how you know things about me without meeting me, or with me saying a lot about myself. Every reading you have given me in the past, has come true. You have a wonderful gift. Given to you by are beautiful on the inside, as well as the outside. Hope to see you in the studio much more. Miss seeing you on the screen and seeing also your beautiful,lovely style of clothes. Love & Life, BizLiz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

User 4314

Thank you again Tamara for my reading on Friday, I'm so happy you logged on from home but just disliked when my time ran out :( as I enjoy you reading for my so much and always so very accurate with information. Your not only beautiful but very talented as well. Hope I can speak to you soon again. Love you loads Nadia xxxxxxx

User 1536

Hi my beautiful Tamara, thank you again hunny for my reading yesterday. Omg you are such an amazing and talented psychic, you give me soooooooooo many validations and such a deep reader. Everything you told me hunny that was going on around the person in question was wow spot on. I just love having readings with you and so easy to talk to. I hate it when the phone just cut off :( thank you sweetie. will call you again. Love you loads Nadia xoxoxoxox

User 1536

Hi Tamara thank you for the reading you give me a couples weeks ago. You were brilliant and so accurate with details wow tamara you are so tallented and so lovely to talk to, I just love talking to you. Thank you hunny I do appreciate your help. Love you loads Nadia xoxoxoxoox

User 1536

My second session with Tamara and just like the first time she linked in with fantastic detail and helped me see my situation in a variety of ways. I feel a real clarity now, and much more balanced and able to move forward with faith and calm. Many thanks K xx

User 1470

Tamara I had voice mail with you & you gave so much information about my situation it blew my friend & me away so much so she called you for a reading & you did same for her. Love u loads Lindaxx

User 15861

Tamara omg I'm so happy I got to talk to you again. Omg tamara you describe my personality as well as the person in question personality to a tee :) I just enjoy you reading for me. Your such a calm caring excellent psychic and such a sweetheart. I came off the phone feeling so much happier. Thank you Tamara. Love you loads. Nadia xoxoxoxoxox

User 1536

Lovely Tamara, always over the years you have given support and guidance alongside heart felt care and understanding for every moment, every issue, every feeling. You are not only accurate with what is ahead whether it is months or even sometimes a year or two in advance, you are kind, loving, gentle and deliver advice with a beautiful quality that reaches whoever you read for, that always brings light to dark places. You are a very complete psychic - deep intuition, great clarity of vision, compassionate, incredible empathy and understanding, in addition to being very in touch with an understanding of human psychology, its hopes and fears, as well as linguistically perfect in the delivery of your thoughts and guidance.
Thank you for being there. Thank you for being you. You have made a huge difference in my life that is in every way positive.

User 3846

Hi Tamara thank you sooooo very much for my reading last night. I waited so long for a reading from Tamara and last night I was so lucky to get hold of her. She is so lovely and very calm and soft spoken, such a caring person. I had many readings but Tamara's reading was so much more deep and lots and lots of accurate validations. Everything was 100% spot on. I love the way she read. I came off the phone feeling happy and very content. Thank you beautiful Tamara, I will always come back to you. Lots of love and angels blessings. Mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

User 1536
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