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My name is Tamara. My psychic skills and achievements stem from a diverse spectrum of psychic and creative endeavours. My early career included proficiency in dance and the performing arts and I worked as choreographer and creative director for a number of exclusive venues across Europe. My academic background in business, art and linguistics also provided me with a platform to work in an advisory capacity, creating and participating in the development of an exciting range of concepts within the leisure industry.

While still involved in a selection of European projects, I was offered the opportunity to write my first book, “The Key to Your Dreams”. My vast and extensive knowledge of the metaphysical, mystical and psychic realm allowed me to write the book in an accessible and informative manner, utilising actual case studies and examining the intellectual , psychological and mystical properties of this intriguing and provocative subject. The publication of the book led to a number of radio interviews on the subject of dreams, sleeping patterns and the indirect effect and power of the subconscious mind.

I am referred to as the 'Love Goddess' by the viewers of Psychic Today and my objective has revolved successfully around the ideology of self-discovery and empowerment. I have been inspired to write a variety of articles on related topics and has been holding regular tutorials. As an accomplished artist, I have also expressed and demonstrated my knowledge and revelations through art.

My interests continue to cover a wide and exciting range of projects and activities within the psychic realm. My psychic skills include, aura therapy, colour therapy, runes, crystals and automatic writing. I have a passion for cards and host numerous workshops and seminars on related subjects. I have worked frequently with segments of the media, as well as collaboration with certain European programmes. I am currently in the process of designing and creating my own range of clothing with an emphasis on feminine empowerment. My love for psychic and creative pursuits inspire me continuously, allowing me to grow and develop as I share my psychic skills through various aspects of my work.

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Latest Customer Testimonials

The energy of our customers can guide you! After a psychic reading we encourage our customers to leave frank & honest feedback. Here are some of those received for Tamara Trusseau


You really are a true LOVE GODDESS..

You really helped me to change my life after the many readings you have given me over the last few months, regarding my loveless marriage of many years..

I found myself having a clearer path as to want i needed and wanted in life and the inner strength to follow your fantastic solid advice and help.

You have aways given me warm, comforting words of wisdom and let me know you had always had my best interest at heart.

What you told me came true and helped me to make clearer decisions.


Many Thanks Tamara - LOVE GODDESS & Great Psychic..

LnL...Caoline xxxx

Psychic Today User

I've been meaning to leave a testimonial for Tamara for a few weeks. I decided to have a reading with her after she answered a text question for me on the show. When I had my private reading with her 2 weeks later she threw the cards for me again and the same answer surfaced. Of course, we elaborated on things thereafter.

Tamara has a wonderful manner about her and gives lots of validations. I would highly recommend having a reading with her as she is unintimidating and has a very warm personality. She gives advice on how to progress in your situation as well as giving you the facts.

I have had readings with several psychics over the past 3 years and she is truely gifted. A couple of the things that she has predicted have already happened and I can't wait for the rest as it was all so positive!

I'll be checking back in soon! xx

Psychic Today User

tamara is the most amazing psychic i have had a reading with, have had readings with more than 20 psychic and tamara is the one. picked on on my past, present and future. stil amaze by the accurancy of the reading. she is the one. definatly going to get back in touch. i am uplifted. if u hae not had a reading with this lady you've got to have one. won t be disapointed

Psychic Today User

Thank you for your advice..... Your psychic's gift is utterly exceptional. The range of what u has described from my past, present and future is breathtaking... Tamara is an absolute revelation. Bless & Light x

Psychic Today User

hi thank you so much for you're readings i've had in last 6months
if it wasnt for you i dont know wat i wudve done cuz you have guided me and helped me to make clear decisions as i was soooo confused, viewers i think Tamara is fab spot on an soooo sweet so please give her call an have a reading from her u will b suprised. Thank you so much agaiin
i will b having a readiing from you soon. your just amaziing
Ghazala birmingham

Psychic Today User

hi thank you so much for you're readings i've had in last 6months
if it wasnt for you i dont know wat i wudve done cuz you have guided me and helped me to make clear decisions as i was soooo confused, viewers i think Tamara is fab spot on an soooo sweet so please give her call an have a reading from her u will b suprised

Psychic Today User

I am writing to say thank you for the enlightening reading you gave me. You tuned in immediately to my situation and provided outstanding (accurate) insight. Since that time, events have unfolded and things have changed the way you said they would. I have been in awe more so by that, than by the actual changes taking place! Thanks Tamara, keep up the great work and help you're giving to people like me.

Psychic Today User

WOW..Tamara was spot on with everything she told me..I had to make a big decision with my career situation, after coming to a crossroads recently..She helped me to see things clearly and I was able to make changes based on her help and guidance..I NOW have a great job with a fantastic furture..Promotion on the horzion as well..Many Thanks again Tamarra, I will pass your name to my friends..I have had many readings with Clairvoyants over the years, but I can honestly say, she's the best ever...GREAT SHOW GUYS...

Psychic Today User

I interact with Tamara on the day shows, and she is the most wonderful and amazing psychic. Her eloquence and spot on insights always blow me away. Thank you Tamara, so many detrails about people's emotions..

User 793

I leave voice mails for Tamara on the day shows, and she is the most amazing psychic. I always need to know about people's emotions and she is so eloquent and give so many details, the full story, and it is so healing as it fulfills my need to know...thank you

User 793
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