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Hi, I'm John. I have worked on Psychic Today for many years and have enjoyed regular appearances. Alongside my natural psychic intuition, I use remote viewing techniques and a multitude of other tools such as numerology and astrology. I don't just read on the future, I will usually be able to give you insight on your past and present situations too. Stand by for an in depth reading that delves into many different areas of your life! Have a reading with me and hopefully you'll see for yourself why I'm on your screens so often.

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Latest Customer Testimonials

The energy of our customers can guide you! After a psychic reading we encourage our customers to leave frank & honest feedback. Here are some of those received for John Healey

Well you were right again John, even if it has complicated my life! I think you will know what I mean by that!. I don't know why I ever doubt anything you say! It is always such a pleasure to speak to you and even though it has now been almost 2 1/2 years since the first time we spoke you still amaze me every time! I can't thank you enough for your guidance and the laughs through this time and I'm sure I will still be speaking to you 2 years from now. God bless you, John. You're an amazing man!

Psychic Today User

John, I could add to the many other testimonials, they are all very true. However, it is for the kindness, support and help you gave me yesterday that I am writting, I don't know how to thank you.

You went above and beyond what anyone can expect from a reading, you helped and supported me through a very sad day. I hope that someday I will be able to repay you by helping another in the way you did for me, I will never forget it.

God bless you John.


Psychic Today User

I have just had a reading with John and was amazed at how much information he brought through to me. Thankyou so much John for helping me to help my family. I will try to persuade my mother to 'push my father's be up against the wall'. You will remember this comment to me and I just wanted to say thankyou to you as I was sorry we were cut off unexpectedly after the 20 minutes. Next time I will pre book the minutes. God bless you for all you do for others. We will speak again!

Psychic Today User


I try to be kind and consider others and hope that someday I can help someone as you did for me.

Thank you and God bless you John for you are a very caring human being that uses your gidt to help others.

p.s. we once had a little joke of a bet, it was my pleasure to fulfil my part, as you have yours.

W x

Psychic Today User

John Healey is a tryly amazing psychic. I have had so many spot on validations from him from just texting the show. I haven't been quick enough on the phones to get a one to one reading from him as he is alway snapped up so fast! From the first text message John answered for me last Spring, I have been stunned every time, he tuned in to me and picked up that I have a running joke about Peanuts, it was so funny when he picked that up on a show with Lucia and I have nicknamed myself Peanut Girl because of that. Sometimes I think the tv screen must be a window as it's as if John is watching me!!! Literally my jaw drops every time he answers my texts! Seriously though, that is just testament to his naturally gifted abilities. He is exceptional!

tOne of the things that drew me to John in the first place is his integrity. He explains how he gets his information and I trust his gift. Not to say that the other psychics don't do that, John just makes such a lasting impression plus he has always been right. I always check dates with him and what will happen at certain events or nights out, time after time he has been correct - he described a night out to me so exactly and I was delighted to find out it panned out just as he said. He has a great sense of humour and it's fascinating to watch how he reads for others on the programme. I really laugh when he picks out something I've just done ie. stood on weighing scales and last night he picked up on a bad headache I had the night before! When I get nervous about big events in my life I remember John's readings and I'm immediately at ease.

My situation is taking ages to happen but I knew that from the start, I also love Anne Scholes, Adam Leonard, Melayne Stone, Lyn Lait Lee Van Zyl and Karina. All have given me different angles of my situation, all have said the wait will be worth it and all concur with what John has told me - not that I'm questioning what he tell me by the way! :) I'm just fascinated! All have picked up that I have psychic abilities too, I just have no idea where to begin. When I sent in my first text message I was so nervous I was shaking when it appeared on the screen, but I have to say the psychics make you feel so at ease even on the phones too!

Thank you John! You are an incredibly gifted psychic and getting my texts answered by you give me hope, clarity and an inner strength and confidence in myself. The psychics all talk about empowerment, and I definitely get that from a reading from John Healey.

Thank you John, looking forward to a reading on the phones with you soon!

God Bless!

Psychic Today User


I called on Friday to thank you for the previous help and reading, but you did it again! another amazing call. If you had been sitting in my lounge you couldn't have descibed it better! the position of the formal dining table the pillar candle, the mirror it's really unbelievable.

An after thought about the Rober the Bruce / Spider message, watching the spider never give up was the inspiration for him to TRY AGAIN! John, you understand.

John, if ever anyone was in the right line of work you are, you are an inspiration. If I lived nearer to Oxford I would be first in line to attend your services. Any thoughts on a visit to Scotland?

Thank you in advance for Tuesday & Thursday.

Psychic Today User

i would like to thank John Healey for all the amazing readings i have had with him. i have spoken to many other psychics and no one has had the same high standards as john. You don't have to ask him anything... he tells you!

i am always amazed at how much detail he gives me. even if i say no... its always right anyway. I have learnt not to contradict him !

You always find some way to WOW me !

Thanks Alot for everything!


Love K x

( wife to skinny legs ) =)

Psychic Today User

Hi John it was only after the reading that I had time to digest the information and several things made absolute sense. The remainder was very good - unfortunately we didn't get to the punchline but .......... i'm sure it's only time before the punchline delivers itself. Not sure how this psychic ability works but it does and its pretty amazing - thanks to you and your guides.


Psychic Today User

Oh wow! I had been struggling for several weeks with personal problems and wanted to phone in and speak to someone but was finding it difficult through never being in the right place at the right time. It was desperation that led me to the Email section but for once desperation was on my side. The reading I got back from Johnwas so good! Not only did his words bring calmness and clarity to a mind that had allowed itself to get fogged up, but he explained that he sent out healing along with the messages and I could actually feel the healing energy as I was reading his message. A calmness, a lightness, a lifting up, came over me that I had not felt in a long time and that night I slept right through to morning - I can't remember when I last did that. Thank you John, I shall never forget that email. I am sure we will speak again in the future I was so afraid to look into. Many blessings to you. Janet x

Psychic Today User

These compassionate, gifted, caring people have kept me going on my long, twisting road over the last 2 years,had it not been for them i know I would not be where I am.they have been there for all of us who have needed them and I know they will continue to do so

I'm hoping that my wish will come true in 2010, because when that happens everything else will fall into place I'm waiting for that special day when my faith and patience will be rewarded and I can be with the man I love now and will always love, there's no doubt in my mind.

I have been told by the psychics here that it's my strength and faith that has got me through.

god bless



Psychic Today User
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