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Hi, I'm John. I have worked on Psychic Today for many years and have enjoyed regular appearances. Alongside my natural psychic intuition, I use remote viewing techniques and a multitude of other tools such as numerology and astrology. I don't just read on the future, I will usually be able to give you insight on your past and present situations too. Stand by for an in depth reading that delves into many different areas of your life! Have a reading with me and hopefully you'll see for yourself why I'm on your screens so often.

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Latest Customer Testimonials

The energy of our customers can guide you! After a psychic reading we encourage our customers to leave frank & honest feedback. Here are some of those received for John Healey

I post this for Johns benefit to help him improve some of his readings.
I'm afraid i was a little more than disappointed coming off the phone from you, as i fealt throughout i was spoken to quite abruptly and not even asked what i'd called for. You instead took a long time to get into the reading, which you finally did focus on a relationship past describing the person,"i bloody knew it" were your words, but unfortunately so did i, and i did'nt phone up to spend £30 on being told what i already know. So was surprised when i did venture to question something about this (being my reading) you said "we'll get to that" infact we did'nt and was cut off, no wiser for it..? definitely an interesting one, i like you on the show, and would probably have another reading with you..a free one! as it would take awhile to get all the info. i wanted.
Bless you John, i hope you see this, and take it on board, i understand there being time pressures, more reason then to check in with your client/viewers to see if they are getting all their needs met from the reading.
love and light

Psychic Today User

Its only fair you post the rough with the smooth. I waited ages to speak to John because of his reputation and er....testimonials but I'm afraid I was very disappointed.
He may have been concentrating but he didn't ask and I never got the chance to say what I was calling about and then he started going on about white tennis shoes?!?!.... I don't like tennis and have not seen these shoes appear to date.
I'm sure there are many people who would connect to John but unfortunately I am not one of them. I hope this testimonial gets posted as it is only a fair comment.

Psychic Today User

Thank you ever so much for my recent readings also for the meditations you occassionally do the breathing exercises too all help for a clearer head and mind thank you sir. My reading included a name Anne who was to be a good friend helping me Yes I have a lovely friend Anne who is oh so solid with her crew. nice then you mentioned someone from the past and someone new names given johnny and david. well david has just been in contact with me so he is from years and years ago.woow woow yet again. John also mentioned my inner child which has been through the mill. Oh yes she has but that was then now she is mending I now have a laid back life yes I do. John also mentioned things happenning in August to September with contentment and good times ahead, that I now look forward to. He got the other stuff right so the future must be right too.John mentioned Liverpool I didn't know anything at the time, well I am from west yorkshire but I always supported Liverpool f.c. I would also accept a flight from there but I will have to wait and see. Many thanks John I don't always ring you but like the rest of the psychic's on psychic today you are amazing uplifting calming and clear with your guidance. love light and angel blessings always love bernadette xxxxx

Psychic Today User

This guy gives loads of details. . Lovely guy who gives very intense readings. I would only say with John it would be better to have longer readings rather than an express 5 minute ones. He is very hard to get hold of so if you see him free snap him up!

Psychic Today User

I had an email reading with John back in march 2011 and I was quite disappointed. as a result I decided not to have a phone reading with him. In july 2012 I decided I would try again and oh my how good is he. He got so much right. For those that are negative towards John remember he cannot bring your ex back, that relationship died for a reason and it had nothing to do with JH's psychic ability. Your biggest warning sign should be 'every psychic says he/she is coming back'. If you need that sort of reassurance ring up your mother. Great work John!

Psychic Today User

Iv'e had a reading with John Healey twice now he is extremley insightfull/psychic and gets straight to the core and is strickingly accurate at picking up on things much so that you know it is more than just co-incidence.

I think when people have a psychic reading they
need to go into it with an open John will more likely tell you not what you want to hear but what you need to hear.He is a true psychic and gives information from a deep levell. There is deffinatley no one else like him! He is unique and it does take a bit of getting used to the way he works but it is worth it. In fact getting psychic information from him has led to a totall transformation in my life where I am trully happy.

Psychic Today User

He is so dedicated to his Vocation and works so hard within the reading.
It's so important to him to connect with you and give you the reading that you will NEVER forget.
John may the universe love you and protect you for you are truly blessed and special.
Your most avid fan Gill West Yorkshire

Psychic Today User

You're awesome and truly gifted. Wow!!! Goodluck to u John and thank you so much! Looking forward to talk to u again in the near future. LnL

Psychic Today User

jus wana say a big thank u 2 john, always have woow readin with john ,4 last 2 yrs u've help me luds n still helpin me regardin my partner,, thank u john.lov rehana.xxxxx

Psychic Today User

mindblowing is the only way I can describe the reading I have just had with John. His detail is incredible, and everything that came through to him was pertinent to me and my life. As far as readings go this has be one of the most detailed, even down to telling me that a departed loved one did'nt like one particular man who has been in my life, but liked the one that had come in. A modest and unassuming man who really does work hard with spirit.

Psychic Today User
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