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Hi, I'm John. I have worked on Psychic Today for many years and have enjoyed regular appearances. Alongside my natural psychic intuition, I use remote viewing techniques and a multitude of other tools such as numerology and astrology. I don't just read on the future, I will usually be able to give you insight on your past and present situations too. Stand by for an in depth reading that delves into many different areas of your life! Have a reading with me and hopefully you'll see for yourself why I'm on your screens so often.

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Latest Customer Testimonials

The energy of our customers can guide you! After a psychic reading we encourage our customers to leave frank & honest feedback. Here are some of those received for John Healey

I would not so much call this a testamonial as i would a thank you note! as i feel John's work really speaks for itself and anyone who has had the privielage to have a reading with John i'm sure would most certainly agree!!!! i have been having readings now with John for around a year and a half and each and every time he never fails to ease any worries i have on my mind without me asking any questions or feeding him with information he just picks up whats on my mind and delivers his info , are you a mind reader John...ha ha...

The biggest comfort i get from my readings with John is the fact that he is continously working to ensure i'm on the right path and that the people i am bringing into my life are not going to cause me emotional pain...

anyways John i hope to have the privilage to talk to you soon.....

all my love


Psychic Today User

John it's a deal,

yes i know to everyone else this looks odd but John knows exactly what this means,i have cards and pendulums and will continue to develop and walk my karmic path.

bless you John for your unbiased and non judgemental advice,support and lately a lot of healing.

linda 554


Psychic Today User

John has helped me many times.

Recently I recieved some some very sad news, I turned on the tv for noise and John was on the screen holding a crystal, I called and got through first time.

John, sorry I wasn't aware that the calls were scheduled for 5 mins and despite what must have been an inconvienience you didn't hurry me, you listened and told me you would send me healing that night when your work day was over! You didn't just answer a call on Sunday again you went above and beyond what anyone can expect from a Psychic reading.

I'm looking forward to the happier times that I know lie ahead, not only will I be happy to buy you that drink I will do my best to try to help another the way you helped me. God bless x ps I think by now it must be a bottle I owe you!

Psychic Today User

I have had many reading over the past years but John is the best by far!! Everything he says is so detailed!
I thought i'd leave a testimonial on here for you instead of texting into the show.

I've had so many readings with him and each time they just get better and better!! :)

Thank You John!!

Love, K

Psychic Today User

Hello John,
I left 2 caller comments for you with different feedback on them this weekend,but they didnt get played-obviously too much feedback comes through for you they cant get to it all !!
Just to say yes, you were right about him loving Art also, you were also right about the Wedding being called off around me,about the Washington D.C connection,and you also picked up a Country last month that at the time meant nothing to me....and I have just found out I have to make 3 visits there over the coming months,!! You also said I would be travelling this summer to do with work in a text message reading,,it seemed highly improbable, well nearer impossible as I have never done so before........,,,but you said you got two suitcases around me and the need to power-dress,,,,and in a strange and unexpected twist of fate this week this has happened......its being finalised this week,,bingo !!
John-you're good !! ;)
I could never get bored of speaking with John, there are always so many new things that transpire with his unique psychic ability he has surpassed my expectations everytime.
These readings have been very valuable,nothing like getting "the heads up" on a situation to help you cut through stuff more efficiently,get a good overview of things the way you wouldnt be able to do otherwise and there is absolutley no harm in knowing you have a few nice suprises down the line,is there?!
Also,John knows so much about me (!!) he can just tell me things straight without me asking,he has really helped me on lots of different things, I learn a lot, he can definitley pick up the details of complex situations that no one else can,,,,he always just seems to "know" what I need at the time and has picked up some most bizarre things about my life ,lol (my "overhaul" springs to mind John,,,makes me smile when I remember you saw that, I thought it was MY secret ;) Well spotted !!
John is always a Gentleman, very witty and non judgemental,add these to his psychic prowess and makes for a Psychic reader to remember-what more could you want?
Always looking forward to another chance to speak with you,
Thank you for everything !

Psychic Today User

I just had such a lovely reading from John Healey just now. He's a really special and sensitive reader. Thank you so much, Joan

Psychic Today User

As the title suggests John thank you just does not seem enough for how you have helped and guided me over a very difficult 2 years, I only hope that you know how much i am truly grateful for the help you have given me.

I try to call you most weekends for up-dates and look forward to these calls as you never cease to amaze me! i have spoken to you now most weeks for two years and you are never repetetive of any other reading each one un-covers something new my goodness John you know more about me and my family than i

I will stop now because the amount i could write here about our many readings could go on and on, But John from the bottom of my heart can i just thank you most sincerely with your help i have had the courage to further my career stay out of situations that are no good for me and i know the faith you have in my future with G will also come to fruition i have no doubt!!! I now come to look upon you as my friend a true wise friend and i hope this connection will last for some years to come.

All my love


Psychic Today User

Before I had my reading I felt so low and had the weight of the world on my shoulders. well I'm stuck for words...! Since the reading you gave me,and the energy you sent me, i feel fantastic and so very positive-so many nice things have been happening. I can never thank you enough-you truely have such a special gift and are so very sensitive in the delivery of what you say. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.Thank you so very much John

Psychic Today User

Hi John,

Following phone readings, texts, and having been fortunate enough to have had a live reading with you, I feel it's about time I left a testimonial to let you know how fantastic I think you are.

You are extremely special and gifted and your readings are given with dignity and compassion. You have my utmost respect and admiration.

Lots of love John, I hope to speak to you again soon. xxxxx

Psychic Today User

I had one of John's new 'Courtly Love' E-mail readings earlier this week. I had been unhappy and feeling at a crossroads for some time. I had to wait less than 2 days for John's reply and it has given me so much insight.

I can look at my situation through new eyes and feel a renewed focus and sense of purpose. Everything John said makes so much sense and has given me comfort and clarity.

Thank you, John.

Psychic Today User
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