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Aldo Raffa is one of our most well-known Psychics here at Psychic Today. With an extremely endearing personality, he is fun, upbeat and empowering. He is a genuine and caring person and nothing is too much trouble for him. He tells us that he has been working as a Psychic for nearly 10 years, and he has many psychic methods to utilise.
Psychic Hearing, Empathy, Spiritual Healing, Psychic Development, Reiki and Remote Viewing are just some of the vast array of methods that Aldo has to offer.
Tarot Cards are one of Aldo’s favourite tools to use, as well as channelling the guidance his guides give him. He feels the cards offer a nice foundation and confirmation of what tends to be given to him via his Guide. Aldo has many guides that he says offer him support and guidance.
Aldo realises a client can be nervous if it is the first time they have had a reading so if requested he will send distant Reiki healing to them. Then he will explain how he works, if there is any area you wish him to cover, he will ask you just to provide yes or no responses to the information he tunes in to, and leave questions to the end, so that his momentum is not lost.
The majority of the time Aldo’s clients tend to ask him for general readings, giving him a wide scope to work with. He likes to tune in quickly and scan around their lives empowering and motivating the client forwards. He also tends to attract of a lot people questioning their own psychic abilities, and he loves to help and guide others to develop their own Psychic Development.
Aldo has provided guidance in many different things for lots of his clients; he loves to hear from his regular callers on their day to day on goings.
Aldo tells us that he discovered his psychic abilities when he was just 3 years old. He would always see energies as a child, but did not think this was unusual. When he was 13 years old he told his friend what he saw. He also began doing readings with cards around the age of 14, since then his psychic awareness has grown a great deal and gone from strength to strength.
Aldo’s hobbies and interests include Shamanism, Reiki, Native Americans, the Past, Cooking, Yoga, Writing and Painting. He loves to socialise and is a great, bubbly fun person to be around.
One of his favourite quotes is “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift - Albert Einstein

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Latest Customer Testimonials

The energy of our customers can guide you! After a psychic reading we encourage our customers to leave frank & honest feedback. Here are some of those received for Aldo Raffa

I have just had a fantastic, precise reading with Aldo (3/12/10). He gave me a great deal of insight on an ongoing situation, and the honesty and guidance I was hoping for to help me move forward.

I have had readings with some of Psychic TV's finest but this man is in my opinion the best so far and I highly recommend him.

Thank you so much Aldo, I will keep you updated as promised and speak soon.

Love and light

Psychic Today User

Had a phone reading with Aldo in April. He was so lovely to talk to and put me at ease straight away. He is such an amazing person with a great talent, I loved listening to him and didn't want the call to end. I would definately speak to him again he picked up on so many things and he made me laugh so much. A wonderful guy!!! Thankyou Aldo. Love and light xx

Psychic Today User

- just wanted to say so sorry I got cut off Aldo! - you were in middle of giving me a brilliant reading - straight in no nonsense - I will def try & call back - but in any case you ve given me insight and eased my worry! Thankyou love n light C

Psychic Today User

Referring again to your response to my picture message- about knowing what I want- clear on what I want- oh yes so good.. though from my perspective it's not so much a case of high standards as you said, but that of higher standards than previously. Clear vision, clear boundaries. And thank you for commenting I have a good vibration- appreciated. Your reading was excellent! x

Psychic Today User

Hello Aldo,

I'm sitting here with such a wonderful feeling that is oozing out of me - my cats must think I'm nuts! lol.. I know it's been said before in your testimonials - but I want ot reiterate it - you are charming, very quick with the information that spirit gives you- you were so much fun to talk to - and whenever we went off on a tangent you always found the place where we left off - no hesitation....

It's been some time since I've had a reading on psychic-tv - just recently called two other psychics here and one gave me 'some' okay information and the other couldn't get any connection with me even after 10 minutes. I had never seen your name before - but checked to see if you had any testimonials and sure enough there were 3 pages - all glowing reports too!

Well, I certainly didn't expect to snag you straight away but I stayed on the phone for about 65 minutes and it was like being on a roller coaster with you - trying to jot down notes as your went lickety-split through message after message... You said so much which I already knew - I'll wait to get confirmation about the names you mentioned - and the dates around which changes may start to come about!

I kept hearing the words 'Have Faith' over and over whenever I thought about the situation I'm going through - and the words you said to me tonight confirmed what I kept hearing in my mind! Thank you !!! I wish you all the success - you are a lovely person, Aldo! A real sweetheart!!!

Thank you so very much!
L&L (p.s. - no more sm**k**g - lol)

Psychic Today User

Second reading with you Aldo. Thank you so much for your caring attitude. I rang you for a second reading to let you know how wonderful you are ... plus I needed some reassurance. I will try my best to stay positive and have light conversations with him. He's coming to visit in early March. I will ring you again after his visit. Thank you Aldo, you have been very supportive. I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Psychic Today User

I found Aldo vibrant, raw with vitality but delivers with manners and an eloquence with words..I Knew he was connected with the situation as the first thing he said was that he had a headache as he linked to the person being questioned about..and the obstacles in our way..
I had a sense that I was sitting on a hilltop, whilst Aldo ran with the information to draw in the full landscape of the issue..a determined sense to leave no stone unturned...
Thank you

Psychic Today User

I had a really long reading with Aldo on Saturday 8th January 2011. We got cut off abruptly at the end and I just had to call back and thank him for his absolutely wonderful reading. Although this guy is young in age he is very wise in years. He is extremely compassionate and gives a lot of detail about the situation and the people in question. I have spoken to many psychics but none have understood so much about the situation. He really seemed to care about my lovely man and what he is going through. Aldo has given me predictions with timings and I hope that I see these unfold within the timeframe. Thank You so much Aldo. I will be back!!

Psychic Today User

This guy is amazing. Had a reading with him and I was blown away. I felt we had a good connection as well. Best part is he speaks fast so you get a lot in a reading. Recommend it to anyone. Defintely will have another reading with this guy.

Psychic Today User

He described me and my life down to a tee. He knew what had happened in the last year, he knew what I did for a living, what I would do in the future (strange but true & only I know this) it was like talking to a mind reader, yet he had no information from me to guide him.
What a lovely, charming reader... and it isn't just because he told me nice things! ;)
Having been an avid watcher of PI for the last couple of years, and having spoken to quite a few readers over that time I can say that I will definitely be back for another reading will Aldo, I will wait a few months though and see how correct he has been first.
Thanks Aldo, I will keep you informed.
Lots of love
Theresa Xx

Psychic Today User
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