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Hi there I'm Freda-Joy. I am an open and honest, down-to-earth, natural psychic reader and spiritual healer. I work with my guide, traditional and angel cards to bring you insight and honest guidance. I also use the pendulum to give insight to many situations and as a Reiki master I can offer to spiritually energise and uplift you. With my life experience and strong link to various energies, I can focus on many different life situations in a reading and will always aim to give compassionate, honest readings to those who choose me.

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Latest Customer Testimonials

The energy of our customers can guide you! After a psychic reading we encourage our customers to leave frank & honest feedback. Here are some of those received for Freda Joy

the queen of the website that is freda joy!!

freda is extremely warm, kind and caring and a wonderful psychic. she makes you feel at ease and really uplifts your spirits when your feeling low! she is without a doubt the most talented lady on this show!


aries girl :)

Psychic Today User

Hello my dear wonderful freda!!!

Ok so i felt it was time for another testimonial, i cant even find my last one its pages away, pages full of incredible testimonials about u!!!! ! ur fast becoming one of the most wanted psychics on this show!!

Freda is incredible, i actually am running out of words to describe her. All I have to say is that is she is my angel! ok i know i have to share her with everyone hehe but i feel like she is my very own angel!!

she came into my life at a point where i really needed someone, and i feel like i crossed paths with her at this moment for a reason.

I feel so different to how i was when when I first spoke to her. I can feel myself progressing and changing from the mess i was before. Freda has helped soooooooo much I cant even explain how much her words and caring nature have healed me and helped me.

She has healing powers in her words and i think shes just gives off some healing power that when u speak to her, u feel different after. ur uplifted and u actually feel like ur progressing like i did from the depressed state that I was in to now.....a lot happier.

thank you so so so so so much freda, my dear angel, my dear friend :-) i honestly don't know where I would be now if I hadnt have met u right at the point in my life when I desperately needed an angel to guide me, and an angel did come to me!!! that angel was you!!!!

lots and lots love to you,


from P :) xxxxxxxxxxxx

Psychic Today User

I've had 3 readings with Freda-Joy. She is a sensitive soul who can pick up on deep feelings around a situation. She has given me sound advice and hope for the future. I would definitely call her again. Bright blessings - Louise xx

Psychic Today User

Wow,i couldnt write it down fast enough,jam packed with information,dates, so excited.Freda you must be exhausted?!simply fantastic and worth every penny,i don't think i've ever had such an informative reading.PHONE FREDA JOY NOW!!!not only has she a wonderful name but a beautiful gift too.Thankyou sooooo much i will sleep better now and fetch little holly dog and welcome her into our home.I will pop a testimonial on here as things materialise. God bless you and look forward to speaking to you soon xx

Psychic Today User

I just had an excellent reading with Freda- Joy, she was very uplifting and positive and picked up on my situation well. I look forward to the predictions coming to light.
Thank you Freda

Psychic Today User

Wow, so much empowering information!

Thank you so much Freda-Joy for my reading tonight 8/02/11. I feel so empowered now, happy and over the moon, so many positives. Wow! Such a lovely lady to talk to and so approachable. Truly a wonderful reader.

Thank you again Fred-Joy xx

Psychic Today User

Sorry i had a few more things to say that i didnt get a chance to say before.i really do think she is an angel who has been given the gift of love light and healing. She is a giver and always helps others. I really feel that i was meant to find freda on this site at this point in my life when i was going through hard times to help uplift me.
People may think i sound strange but when u speak to her yourself you will realise what i mean she has healing powers in her words and voice and is really very special. I sometimes really think she must be an angel!! When u apeak to her u will realise what i mean. Love feather girl hehe xxxxx

Psychic Today User

Dear freda once again feel compelled to tell the world how amazing u are. Ive just been reading all the testimonials u received fron other happy clients and have to say i couldnt agree more. She is a beautiful healer with her kind words and thoughts. She is just brilliant.ive had readings from many psychics but none are as good as freda she is the number one psychic on this website without a doubt. Kind caring thoughtful considerate the list of words to describe her is endless. She has a special gift!!! She is an angel truly who was given the gift healing and light. From the girl who saw the white feather today ;) xxxxx

Psychic Today User

Thank You Freda Joy for helping me through a difficult period and encouraging me to believe in myself. Your advice helped a lot. I do look forward to chatting with you soon!

Psychic Today User

Dear Freda,

I had to write again to you to say a very warm thank you for everything and being there for me yesterday when I most needed someone to talk to. I really appreciated it and can't thank you enough.
You are THE kindest and warmest reader ive ever had.
I hope you get a lot more customers on here because you deserve it and you are incredible so I don't need to say anymore- people just ring her and find out for yourself. She goes by her senses and feelings and, its unbelievable. Your truly amazing and genuienly care for your clients. And that makes a huge difference. Thank you
P xxx

Psychic Today User
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