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I'm Christian Martin and I have been a practising psychic for over 30 years and describe myself as caring, spiritual and warm. My preferred areas to read on are love & relationships along with destiny & life path. I am also available to provide psychic development to my clients and share the psychic knowledge garnered in my three decades of bringing calm & straight-forward insight & guidance to many.
I felt that I had psychic senses ever since I was a boy. My neighbour took me under her wing, explained what was happening and helped me develop.
I have all the psychic senses of psychic hearing, seeing and feeling as well as sometimes picking up smells. When you begin your psychic reading with me, I will use my psychic seeing to try to tune into your vibrational frequency and visually perceive the messages “within your mind’s eye”. Using psychic hearing, I can sometimes perceive sounds and extrasensory noises from sources said to broadcast from the spiritual realms.
When you begin your psychic reading with me I will introduce myself to you and hopefully build a rapport. I only ask your name (and date of birth for legal reasons), and can sometimes just tune in to your profile and pick up on the rest once I have done that.
I work freehand and don't use cards or tools in my readings. I close my eyes and use my guides, who give me the insight and guidance. I feel there is less confusion this way by not using tools, and I can therefore give my client an honest reading.
I believe my readings are unique and I tend to receive a lot of relationship requests.
When deciding to have a first reading with me, I ask you come open-minded and with no expectation. Sometimes the messages aren’t quite what the client wants to hear, but they may be important nevertheless. There are many sides to a situation, and if you’re confused, I will aim to give you my insight as I see it.
In his spare time, I enjoy watching Star Trek, cars and exploring the spiritual world. I meditate daily and my most inspired quote to date is “Everything happens for a reason”.

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Latest Customer Testimonials

The energy of our customers can guide you! After a psychic reading we encourage our customers to leave frank & honest feedback. Here are some of those received for Christian Martin

I had my first ever reading with Chrisitan Martin and all I can say is what an amazing man!
He made me feel relaxed and it was easy to talk to him.
I know I need to be patient and postive. I am really looking forward to my predictions coming true and I can't wait!
I was trying for so long to get through to Christian and I am so happy when I finally did - he was definitely worth the wait.
I can say I will call him back for an update and see what else will be heading my way.
Christian - thank you for the lovely positive reading and for the healing.
Love, light and laughter - Happy Birthday for next month - Hope you have an amazing day from you fellow Cancerian :) x

Psychic Today User

Thank you Christian for my reading on 26/04/11, extremely intuitive.
You didn't ask questions, and provided a lot of detailed info... Thanks for our chat,its a shame that you are not on here very often, but I am lucky to have got through and hopefully speak again soon to update you on your predictions...
Take Care Jayne x

Psychic Today User

We got cut off before I had a chance to say a big thank
you :-) You were so easy to talk to, it's no wonder you are difficult to get in contact with. One of the best on here! L&L x

Psychic Today User

:-) that's all I feel like doing after talking to this amazing man. More than I can even understand!!!! Thanks you once again from the bottom of my heart.


Psychic Today User

Christian, I have had the divine privilege to speak to you 3 times now.

Thank you for all your guidance for my own development too.
You're so right I will be floored WHEN your predictions come into fruition because although I know in my own heart they will....I just CANNOT see it right now.Thank you once agan.


Psychic Today User

It was my lucky day today - I got to speak to 'The Christian Martin' and I'm not suprised why I have been struggling to get thru. Caring and calming voice, yet speaks with so much conviction. I'm going thru' a very tough phase at the mo where words like positivity, relaxation, upliftment mean a thing of the past - I can't feel that feeling. Christian Martin has made me feel highly elated and helped me believe in myself - made me realise that I am on the right path and what's more - He's going to send me and my other half- healing!! God Bless you Christian Martin - you will hear from me very very soon and if you don't it's only because I can't get thru! I'm now eagerly waiting for the predictions to happen and I know they will as I'm feeling very positive after speaking to you. Thank you are two small and too short words to express my gratitude but I have to say it - Thank you.

Psychic Today User

Hi Christian,

I want to say I wasn't expecting to get through to you. I was emotionally feeling very down but fate was kind enough to allow me to come through to you. :)

Im glad there was someone like you on other end of the phone to understand what I was going through. You had so much empathy in your reading.

You have given me many predicitions to look forward too. Thank you for you time, I knew you was the in the process of logging off, so didn't have to stay on the phone's but you did, so that was very much appreicated. Once again Thank you.



Psychic Today User

Once again Christian I have to apologise for getting cut off after the 20 mins I could have chatted to you ALL night.THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART... :-) I cannot wait for the surprises and you will be one of the first to know!!!!! But I know patience is key. You cleared up any negative feelings/worries I was having over my situation and I now feel empowered and want to get myself prepaed for these massive changes!! Especially if I'm going to be picking up socks etc. off the floor for the forseeable future :-) can't wait!!! lol

All my love and gratitude,

Psychic Today User

Dear Christian,
just wanted to say thank you again for your kind words. Yes i Know dates have gone past, and then i get the wobbles,( its really hard when you think things are going to happen and they don't) but just wanted to say thank you for being there for me during the hard times, and keeping me strong.

I have so much faith and belief in you, so if you say that you see it, i truly believe it will happen, even thou you know i cant see it.

Talk to you again soon.

Much love

Psychic Today User

Thank you soo much Christian . I don't have to say much about you all I can is that you are the King of this psychic domain. Please take care

Psychic Today User
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