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I'm Christian Martin and I have been a practising psychic for over 30 years and describe myself as caring, spiritual and warm. My preferred areas to read on are love & relationships along with destiny & life path. I am also available to provide psychic development to my clients and share the psychic knowledge garnered in my three decades of bringing calm & straight-forward insight & guidance to many.
I felt that I had psychic senses ever since I was a boy. My neighbour took me under her wing, explained what was happening and helped me develop.
I have all the psychic senses of psychic hearing, seeing and feeling as well as sometimes picking up smells. When you begin your psychic reading with me, I will use my psychic seeing to try to tune into your vibrational frequency and visually perceive the messages “within your mind’s eye”. Using psychic hearing, I can sometimes perceive sounds and extrasensory noises from sources said to broadcast from the spiritual realms.
When you begin your psychic reading with me I will introduce myself to you and hopefully build a rapport. I only ask your name (and date of birth for legal reasons), and can sometimes just tune in to your profile and pick up on the rest once I have done that.
I work freehand and don't use cards or tools in my readings. I close my eyes and use my guides, who give me the insight and guidance. I feel there is less confusion this way by not using tools, and I can therefore give my client an honest reading.
I believe my readings are unique and I tend to receive a lot of relationship requests.
When deciding to have a first reading with me, I ask you come open-minded and with no expectation. Sometimes the messages aren’t quite what the client wants to hear, but they may be important nevertheless. There are many sides to a situation, and if you’re confused, I will aim to give you my insight as I see it.
In his spare time, I enjoy watching Star Trek, cars and exploring the spiritual world. I meditate daily and my most inspired quote to date is “Everything happens for a reason”.

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Latest Customer Testimonials

The energy of our customers can guide you! After a psychic reading we encourage our customers to leave frank & honest feedback. Here are some of those received for Christian Martin

THANK YOU yet again, this guy is one of the most RESPECTED psychic you can find he is well known through the uk,and if your lucky, and you can get hold of him, you
then wont look back your life will be put striaght.this man has a very special gift and we are lucky that he shares it with us,and he will show you the light at the end of the tunnel,thank you christain once again......x

Psychic Today User

Hi Christian what would I have done without your support over the past few months you really do so much to help people and from your other testimonials from others it shows how much you are thought of we cant thank you enough lots of love always and take care of yourself too star3 xxxxx

Psychic Today User

Hi Christian thank you for another wonderful reading the other day and sending healing to me. What can I say about Christian , his really wonderful and I've been having readings with him for almost 2 years. He make me laugh when I'm feeling low and I always feel better after taking with him. He picks up on my situation and is always spot on and honest in a very kind way. Have reading with him and you to will continue to ask him for advice and support. Take care Christian and don't work to hard. love you to bits ..hope you can come to my wedding when it all sorts its self out. xxx

Psychic Today User

Hi Christian thank you for reading yesterday. I hadn't spoken to Christain for a while and he said he had still continued to send me healing. He always makes me feel so positive about my situation and has always supported me not jusy as my pyschic advisor but a ture friend to. He is honest, caring and makes me laugh. When I managed to get through to Christian yesterday a big smile can over my face in just hearing his kind friendly voice. Love and Light xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
P.S Don't work to hard,you need your rest to-contact you soonxx

Psychic Today User

brilliant yet again, thank you for your support and lifting me up, you made me do i thank you enough,besides saying,love you.think you no who i am..x

Psychic Today User

Hi Christain we got cut off before I could say thabk you. You always make me feel better and have supported my for 2 year now and I thank you so much for this.As you know my situation has driven me mad although it has made me stronger.
You do make me laugh and I always feel up-lifted when I come off the phone and that I have things to look forward to. You are very special to me and your healing really helps when I'm feeling low. As you know I've been very patient for a long time and you've give me hope to hold on in there.
I highly recommend Christian he is very caring and always tells you how it is in a beautiful way. Most of all Christain can guide you and help you to sort out situation in the best possible way.
Christain you do wonderful work and I can see by your testimonials that you have helped many souls, God Bless You ...You mean alot to many of as.
Yo really are a wonderful soul and I hope one day I can give something back to you.
Love and Light to you Christain and try not to work to hard ..Thank you for being you xxxx

Psychic Today User

Christian I am so sorry we got cut off and there was no option for staying online. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me such solid hope. You took me out of darkness into the light. What an amazing man you are.
Maria x

Psychic Today User

Hi Christian thankyou for your reading on fri 23 Oct it really was another insight to my relationship and what is going on with it at the moment you are the star1 take care and lots of love star3 xxxxxxx

Psychic Today User

hi again christian thank you so much for being there for me when I feel down you are there or think I have messed up my relationship(again today 19th) you are there in fact what ever is happening in my life you are there for me (when will I listen? and have patience haha) your kind words and guidance always lift me and I know things will be ok in the end like you have said love you loads my special one xxxx

Psychic Today User

what else can you say about this man that has not been said already....... thankyou for your support over the past months you really are such a special person.....lots of love and hugs xxxxxx ps I will try not to worry xx

Psychic Today User
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