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Annie is an inspirational, empathetic and caring psychic. She likes to relax her callers and if she feels they are particularly nervous she asks them to take several deep breaths, Annie tells us that her calming influence usually helps her clients to feel gently reassured before and during her readings. As well as being a kind, warm person she is also extremely down to earth. Her upbeat and positive manner helps her build a great rapport with her clients and she always aims to be sure to leave them with a smile on their face.
Annie tells us that she has a vast amount of experience and has been a practising psychic for over 25 years. She has many psychic senses, giving her a very wide range of skills and is very adaptable to her client’s needs. As well as using Psychic Hearing, Seeing & Feeling, she also has the ability to look at Dream Analysis, Spiritual Healing and Psychic Development.
To aid Annie in giving you the best readings, she uses a variety of tools, they include Tarot, Crystals, Runes, Pendulum and Astrology, her favourite would be the Tarot cards and she has her favourite deck that she has used for over 15 years, she uses them daily and says that that she sees something different every time she uses them.
Annie tells us that she realised from the age of 7/8 years old that she had been given a special blessing. Annie feels as though the purpose of her life is to guide others by passing on messages and she feels very humble that she is able to do this in such a positive and upbeat way.
As a dedicated vegetarian for 30 years, during her spare time Annie loves to experiment with lots of different recipes, variety is the spice of life! She loves live music and always supports her local bands whenever she can. Her happiest moments are always with her loved ones, Annie loves to laugh and have fun.
One of Annie’s favourite and inspirational quotes in “Dare to be different and never be afraid to shine”
Why not call Annie for an inspirational, positive reading today? Annie really is a breath of fresh air, and can makes you feel good about many of your life decisions, she always aims that you will really begin to see clearly again on your life path and feel so much happier about many situations you may find yourself in.

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Latest Customer Testimonials

The energy of our customers can guide you! After a psychic reading we encourage our customers to leave frank & honest feedback. Here are some of those received for Annie

This wonderful yorkshire lady has kept me going for so long-she has guided me-told me things I would never forsee happening.BUT they have and I am finally happy,settled within myself and looking forward to the future she predicted for me.
Thank you Annie.xxxx

Psychic Today User

Annie was introduced to me by my brother, this was probably the best thing that happened to me, i have never met anyone who was so spot on with my readings, she is so patient and kind although we have never spoke we do text each other a lot and she never seems to get fed up of hearing from me, the problem that i have is coming to a conclusion but my emotions are up and down and Annie is very patient with me and very kind, she never tells me something i want to hear she always tells me the truth. I would recommend Annie to anyone.

thanks Annie
Love you lots

Psychic Today User

Annie Lund - you're an Angel.
Thank you for always guiding me in the right direction.

Psychic Today User

I have read with Annie before, does not ask lots of questions and has very nice delivery. Recommended.

Psychic Today User

After tossing and turning all night unable to sleep because my troubles seemed to be endless I put on the tv at 5.30am and saw Annie, really needed to talk to someone who could give me some insight into how to progress from where I was and so glad I did. Annie you have helped me more than you could ever know, you made sense of everything, settled my mind and gave me hope, you even made me laugh a little and that felt good. I have nobody close to share things with and felt a little nervous talking to a stranger on the phone but I came off feeling I had a friend and I will be checking in with you again shortly. Your amazing xx

Psychic Today User

Hi this is first time iv'e clicked on to your site but there's something drawing me to annie? i'm going to a spiritulist church tonight, but i will defo ring annie someone or something is telling me to...??? i'm thinking she has something important to tell me or help me mum and grandmother used to go to spiritulist meetings when they were on earth, i'd like to think there looking after me still. look out for me annie. thank you... florence

Psychic Today User

Hi Annie, I am so sorry we didnt get to say good by to each other on the phone, But Annie Got me Staight Down the Middle! and she was fantastic at her reading really pleasent and I hope next time we have a longer chat,

Kind regards

And Thank you

Psychic Today User

just want to tell everyone who reads this about annie ... iv been intouch for a few years now she is honest in the way she will not say things to make u feel better. so if u want a reading this is the lady xxxx she is brill love and lite xx

Psychic Today User

Have spoken to Annie since about July 2008.Annie is a truley caring pyschic on the show and am so glad have being able to contact her for help and insight into my problems. A very soft spoken lady and recommend anyone to ring her up. She is always busy on the show and know matter what time she logs on she is reading to help. I would like to say she is my angle down on earth xxxxxxxx

Psychic Today User

i wood just like to say that ANNIE is the most wonderful person and that she as Help me so much .and her reading are so good .thank you so Annie lot of love

Psychic Today User
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