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Hello, my name is Ricci AKA the psychic love doctor! I am a compassionate, direct reader with over 20 years’ experience. I am a natural psychic with a passion for the cards. When I was only 10 years old I thought I had a strong sense for other people’s emotions. This lead me to a book shop where I discovered my very first deck of cards. I had to have them and used them to read for all of my family and friends. From then on I couldn’t stop, the more readings I did the more I felt that I could see my psychic skills developing.
The areas I like to work with the most are destiny and life-path readings, emotional insight and Love and Relationships. I love to give insight to the seekers in life. I feel I can give insight with the aim to guide you so that you may unearth and rediscover the true desires of your heart.
My favourite quote is ‘It’s not over until I have won’ – Les Brown

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Latest Customer Testimonials

The energy of our customers can guide you! After a psychic reading we encourage our customers to leave frank & honest feedback. Here are some of those received for Ricci

I want to thank Ricci for giving me a honest, straight talking reading. Unfortunately we got cut off at the end but I wanted to reassure him that I didn't put the phone down on him because I didn't like what he was saying! I agree that reality checks are important and he has the right attitude for psychic work. I am impressed with Ricci's reading and look forward to meeting the person who is just right for me and not a compromise.

Psychic Today User

Hi there Ricci, I just wanted to leave feedback for you because you talked a great deal of sense and I really felt that you were being honest with me, which is so important. I am so glad that you picked up on one particular, major thing in this growthful situation that I'm in, that just told me that we were connected in this reading. Thank you so much for your guidance and insight. I really felt your sincerity, calmness and belief in that which you are, a conduit for spirit.

Many blessings to you, god bless and much appreciation for you being there :-)

Psychic Today User

Thank you for our 4am chat..the time whereby thoughts circle and wake me form my sleep!

You gave me practical advice on how to handle my exasperating man. and situation.and firm advice on how to take back my power..yes the psychic bit is great..but the combination of down to earth advice is where the double wammy comes in!

Oh and I also have my sleep back!!!!!!!!! So thanks for being there when I woke in panic.


Psychic Today User

Thank you Ricci for my reading this evening (4/4/10). I already feel peaceful after being an emotional wreck for the last few days.
It's good to know that you are there when I need your advice.
God Bless.

Psychic Today User

Well, another reading with you Ricci, like talking with your best friend. Full of joy, laughter and so much to look forward to and now I can't wait for the next year to come around, not that I'm wishing my life away of course. You've helped me over some dark times in the past year Ricci, offering guidance to help me through and here I am now ready for a new beginning. So if anyone of you are feeling downhearted and feel that you have nothing to look forward to, speak to Ricci, be honest with him, he'll give you some posativity and help you move's a promise xxx

Psychic Today User

Ricci helped so much with a situation in my life which i was finding hard to deal with. He gave me so much hope that i could changed and helped understand my true self which had got lost. Im now 37 looking to try change my life for the better. But did not know where to start. Thank you Ricci for getting back on track your one amazing guy with one truly amazing talent .

Love and Light

Psychic Today User

Ricci, you ARE such a wonderful , funny guy!! You are so detailed in what you have to say, and i am going to take your advice re texting the certain gentleman and be very positive.... yup Ricci, get that new suit ready!! I will come back to you when he starts coming forward. Take care..

Psychic Today User

hi there if u want down to earth reading with sence of humour thrown in free ricci is your guy .straight forward straight to the point , helped me see through the woods and see big pic. thanks ricci you make me smile everytime i chat to u . and also help with love dilema , lol love the show and like seeing all the psychic how they work

Psychic Today User

hi ricci thanks for the two short reading i had uncanny sence of humour. down to earth .ricci is call the love doc can see right through the wood work. straight to the promblem. brillent and his sence of humour comes through. my favourite show when i house sit always watch on sky thanks ricci your one of the best xxxxxfiona

Psychic Today User

Ricci always give me an honest and open reading. He does not just tell me what I want to hear. He give me hope and points me in the right direction. thanks you

Psychic Today User
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