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Hello, my name is Ricci AKA the psychic love doctor! I am a compassionate, direct reader with over 20 years’ experience. I am a natural psychic with a passion for the cards. When I was only 10 years old I thought I had a strong sense for other people’s emotions. This lead me to a book shop where I discovered my very first deck of cards. I had to have them and used them to read for all of my family and friends. From then on I couldn’t stop, the more readings I did the more I felt that I could see my psychic skills developing.
The areas I like to work with the most are destiny and life-path readings, emotional insight and Love and Relationships. I love to give insight to the seekers in life. I feel I can give insight with the aim to guide you so that you may unearth and rediscover the true desires of your heart.
My favourite quote is ‘It’s not over until I have won’ – Les Brown

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Latest Customer Testimonials

The energy of our customers can guide you! After a psychic reading we encourage our customers to leave frank & honest feedback. Here are some of those received for Ricci

ricci a nice guy but very straight to the point and i was a bit dissapointed to be honest

User 1457

Thank you sooooooo much ricci for the reading wednesday tuesday night, you reassured. Thanks ricci I went to work feeling much happier and thats all down to you :) will call you soon. Lots of love nadia xoxoxoxoxo

User 1536

Hi Ricci its Nadia :) I am soooo happy to get hold of you this morning 23.5.13 yaaaay. I always was so drawn to you and always wanted a reading from you, guest today is my lucky day :) Thank you sooooo much for the reading, you were so good with everything you picked up on myself and the guy in question Mr M capricorn. You made me laugh with the things you came out with lol your funny ricci. What a lovely caring and calm person you are. You make me feel at ease. Thank you ricci, I will call you again. Lots of love and angel blessings to you. Big hugs. Love Nadia xxxxxxxxxx

User 1536

all I have to say is even though it was hard to hear,...he was absolutely right about a current situation- Thank you Ricci x

User 1929

I had a reading by ricci earlier this month and I found his reading a little contradictive throughout which left me very confused and definitely short of change. Although he's a very pleasant gentleman, I did find he kept me on the phone longer than he should have talking about his own personal experiences.

Psychic Today User

I was left feeling rather short changed after my short reading with Ricci, he first of all told me that my love intention was pulling away etc...etc.. and went on about that for 2-3 minutes and then when I said it did not make sense to me he totally went the other direction saying he would turn around, I said to him Ricci you are changing your view point, you are confusing me. i am sorry didn't agree with the 'love doctor' . came away no clearer just a few quid shorter.

Psychic Today User

I spoke to Ricci regarding an ongoing situation with my ex, which was really confusing me & bringing negatiivty into my life.
Straight away he picked up on what had happened, what was happening and what would come with him...He also picked up on my feelings and thoughts.
I just needed some guidance & he gave me that.
He made me feel comfortable throughout the reading & he answered all my questions.
Right after my phone call I felt more positive & I'm really looking forward to my future.
I recommend Ricci & I would definately have another reading with him.
Thank you Ricci :) x

Psychic Today User

I want to thank Ricci for giving me a honest, straight talking reading. Unfortunately we got cut off at the end but I wanted to reassure him that I didn't put the phone down on him because I didn't like what he was saying! I agree that reality checks are important and he has the right attitude for psychic work. I am impressed with Ricci's reading and look forward to meeting the person who is just right for me and not a compromise.

Psychic Today User

Hi there Ricci, I just wanted to leave feedback for you because you talked a great deal of sense and I really felt that you were being honest with me, which is so important. I am so glad that you picked up on one particular, major thing in this growthful situation that I'm in, that just told me that we were connected in this reading. Thank you so much for your guidance and clarity. I really felt your sincerity, calmness and belief in that which you are, a conduit for spirit.

Many blessings to you, god bless and much appreciation for you being there :-)

Psychic Today User

(18/09/10)Sorry we got cut off again before I could say thank you for putting my mind at rest in regards to my relationship, as sometimes we cant see these things ourselves, and need a very gifted psychic like yourself to look deeper and explain whats going on, you got 'his' and my personality down to a 't', and what the chaos is, and you tell it how it is and not what we want to hear with such honesty and truth. I am looking forward to what you told me unfolding, dates etc...

I will call you again,very soon and let you know

Lots of love and light to you


Lots of love and light

Psychic Today User
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