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Hello, my name is Enrique, I have been a natural psychic reader for 26 years. As a person, I would describe myself a direct and straight forward but at the same time sensitive to my callers needs and questions. When starting a reading I like to jump in to it straight away, common things I am asked to discuss are astrological charts, emotional insight, and priorities in one’s life. I practice a personal and centred approach and am emotionally sensitive.
As a hands-free reader, I feel it is vital to trust myself and be in tune with my instincts. When I was a child, I was extremely honest with people. What I now understand to be my psychic senses was considered very rude then and the adults in my life didn’t like it. As I became an adult I learned not only when to use my ‘honesty’ but also that it was a good thing and something to be used for people. I now value honesty and speaking my mind immensely. When I’m not reading I enjoy nature and being outside, I also have a passion for Yoga.

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Latest Customer Testimonials

The energy of our customers can guide you! After a psychic reading we encourage our customers to leave frank & honest feedback. Here are some of those received for Enrique

Enrique is one of my quick to go to psychic sometimes I have a 20 min reading sometimes 2minute he’s so quick and straightforward, he’s ace , no messing around tunes in quick and does nt keep you on the phone FABULOUS xx kJ

User 88789

Lovely man. Very fast. Sees ex coming bk in July thought he could do better, realised that he can't. Enrique picked up on how I was feeling that I'll just keep going forward. Sees someone new coming in by August September. Will leave feedback then. Thank you 15.6.19

User 1929

Good insight, asks if r still loves me why is he still with v, however not much substance to the relationship, thought he could do better but realised he can't. Sees we'll meet I mustn't forget what type of person he is, his character etc...when we meet I'll get a feeling of what he's like. Thank you.

User 1929

Just had a really good reading withEnrique, straight to the point,he says it as it is,feel relieved and positive,thank you.

User 6909

I am so grateful I found this beautiful gifted man! Enrique is an amazing and powerful psychic. I have spoke to a lot os psychics, Enrique is in a different league. He really is what you have been looking for, answers . fast, no hesitation. Overtime i have spoke to him he left no question marks . The very first reading with Enrique was loaded with validation after validation of the here and now, what was going on in my life. I cant even put into words just how amazing Enrique is. No time is wasted, he doesn't waffle, so if you want a fast reading loaded with info look no further, he takes no time at all to pack loads of info and answers instantly any questions you have- no time wasted reading cards, he is hands free. I find him so easy to talk to, so understanding and kind , but thats totally up to you, I'm a big talker, but you don't have to be, just let him say what he sees and you can be off phone fast if you want Thank you so much Enrique for helping me through this time in my life, You have given me such valuable insight, So grateful. Lots of love and hugs Julie :-) xxx

User 3195

wow! Enrique pretty amazing! 1st reading with him today, very fast tuned in to the situation, very very impressed, super fast, super instant answers to my questions, left me feeling brilliant after the reading, really put my mind in a far better place,, no waffle, very speedy fast reader, great if you just want to get to the heart of something, in some ways he is a man of few words, does not pad the reading out so gives excellent value for every min you are with him, thanks so much, you are brilliant gifted. love julie :-) xxx

User 3195

Nothing came true. The person would come forward in 2-3 weeks that was in March and it is now 16/05/17. Nothing came of it,

User 42600

I really like this reader and his style, he's very clear and direct. I had questions answered quickly, gained good insights. Plus i left the reading without spending more than I planned. Very much appreciated. Thank you so much xx

User 18310

Genuine kind and very good.

Thank you

Tara xx

User 18670

Very direct and concise reader but also positive. Thank you Carma .

User 1729
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