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17th of Dec 2018 Anna Taylor Emma Jane Terri Stromeyer Joanna Scott Presenter: Aldo Raffa, Laura Daligan & Sarah May. Presenter: Karen Brown
18th of Dec 2018 Terri Stromeyer Emma Jane Enchantment Mark Room Psychics: Tamara Trusseau, Aldo Raffa & Alison Sheryll. Presenter: Paul Miles
19th of Dec 2018 Aldo Raffa Penny B Sammie Aurora Denise Psychics: John Healey, Raymond C & Joanna Scott. Presenter: Paul Miles
20th of Dec 2018 John Healey Enchantment Terri Stromeyer Sammie Aurora Psychics: Emma Jane, Tamara Trusseau & Raymond C. Presenter: Adele V
21st of Dec 2018 Raymond C Sammie Aurora Alison Sheryll Psychic Sarah Psychics: Natasha W & Emma Jane. Presenter: Ophelia
22nd of Dec 2018 Hands of an Angel Enchantment Rafael Mark Room Psychics: John Healey, Victoria Armstrong & Ricky M. Presenter: Richard O
23rd of Dec 2018 John Healey Emma Jane Mystic Saira Laura Daligan Psychics: Victoria Armstrong, Marcus Starr & Richard O. Presenter: Ophelia